• “The ability to hold a good conversation has almost become a lost art form” Unknown

  • Less time online and more real life, face to face conversations

  • Laugh out loud in the offline world with your besties

  • Get to know the real you. What drives you what holds you back with our personal growth cards.

Our Mission

We believe that now more than ever, in a time of digital devices taking over our lives, we need to spend quality time offline and communicate in person, face to face, heart to heart. That’s why we love bringing you good, old-fashioned fun with our initiatives.

Our Games

All games follow the format of three different games in one box The reason behind this format is so that everyone can find something in the box for different occasions and different personalities. Let’s face it, we are all different characters, some are conservative while others are new age and open minded. Three games in one, something for everyone is our motto!


GAME FOR COUPLES. Test your knowledge of your partner, share intimate secrets or explore the wild side – you choose what you are in the mood for! Play alone with your partner on a date night or with a group of friends!


GAME FOR TEENS AND ADULTS. Take turns answering questions and get to know each other on a deeper level. Discuss topics such as identity, family life, school life, appearance, social media and many others. The most honest and open player wins.


GAME FOR FAMILIES. Spend quality time with your children practicing mindfulness activities in a fun and playful atmosphere through series of experiments, questions, fun facts, exercises and rituals for the whole family.


GAME FOR BACHELORETTE PARTY AND GIRLS NIGHT OUT. Connect with your girls, share stories, secrets and perform hilarious dares. Make unforgettable memories on your wild night out or night in.

Our Story

We have always had passion for entertaining our friends at our dinner parties. One day we decided to turn our passion into a business, but of course it wasn’t something that just happened in a blink of an eye. We started with hand drawing our first game sketches, then we took many months perfecting the questions. Then we annoyed all of our friends to play the game over and over again and give us feedback. Once it was perfect it was officially born. Our first game Talk Flirt Dare was a huge success with excellent reviews and we couldn’t believe it! After hearing our customers positive feedback we knew we were on to something and started creating games full time. Happy playing!



Halyna is a serial entrepreneur, with a passion for entertaining people at her dinner parties, travel, fitness and family. Halyna is also a mom.


Art is an entrepreneur through and through, who is passionate about gaming, soccer, travelling and is a devoted family man.


Taruna is the business manager who has an extensive entrepreneurial background with a passion for yoga, tennis and cooking. She is also fond of animals.

Our Friends

We couldn't have done this without our friends! Who tested the game and provided feedback to make it most fun!


Carmen is the Intern who recently graduated from Ryerson University specializing in Global Management Studies and Human Resources.