Artagia Games

ARTAGIA GAMES is the leading brand for the whole family of conversation starters. We are a new-age game company. What does that mean? We’re driven by the digital age and inspired by pop culture. Our games are designed to bring the internet-style, shareable humor that makes you laugh out loud from your phone to your living room.
We assist couples, parents, kids and families to re-connect, meaningful conversations and enhance their relationships, one conversation at a time.

In this modern era, we have determined that “family time” is regularly no longer a day by day routine for many families, and that the art of dialog is being changed with emojis.
We purpose to inspire connection on all tiers through encouraging people to open their hearts and have an open communication, barring judgment, and thru spending exceptional time with the ones they care about the most.

Everyone wishes to understand that they have anybody they can remember on. Join us in our quest to keep the door open for the people closest and most necessary to us to come via at any time.