Our Story

It started with a love for entertaining.

Our family has always held a passion for entertaining our friends at our dinner parties. One day, we decided to take a leap of faith and turn our passion into a business!

Of course, building the perfect first game wasn’t something that just happened in a blink of an eye. We started with hand-drawing our first game sketches, then we took many months to perfect the questions. Soon after, we annoyed all of our friends to play the game over and over again and give us feedback. Once we were satisfied that our game was perfect, the Artagia Games company was officially born.

Our first game,Talk Flirt Dare, was a huge success with excellent reviews. We couldn’t believe it! After hearing our customers' positive feedback, we knew we were onto something and started creating games full time. Three years later, we are proud to produce games for families, couples, coworkers, counsellors, and more. Happy playing!

Our team gets the best of both worlds.

We are a team of dynamic and passionate individuals who love the lifestyle of freedom, where you can work from anywhere in the world, any office, coffee shop or a beach.

We love how this company allows us to deviate away from the nine to five cubicle lifestyle, and focus on building each project when we're fresh and inspired. Along the way, we travel, spend time with loved ones, and do fun things outside of work.

Driven by this balanced lifestyle of work, play, and loving what we do, in just 3 years we were able to build a successful internet-based company with partners and employees worldwide. We're now proud to  launch over 20 products allowing us to live like modern day digital nomads.